Favia Viaggi - Hunting in Bulgaria and abroad


Big game hunting offers

The area of the preserve amounts to 29.000 hectares, mainly deciduous woodland- beech forests. The altitude varies between 300 m and 1300 m. The region is characterized with temperate cotinental mild climate. There are built roads over the whole territory, on which you can easily reach every point of the preserve. The interweaving of the extreme and easy terrains makes the hunting interesting and challenging, even for the most fastidious taste - real hunting adventure!

The available equipment - jeeps and the 4x4 military machines, transports our guests to the most remote nooks in the preserve. For the unusual severe winter days and months we have prepared special tracked machines, in which the travelling off-road in extreme conditions is a real pleasure!

Within the territory of the preserve, there are constructed modern raised hides and hunting high stands, which are well heat- and noise- insulated.