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Hunting in Spain


The farm is on one of the most beautiful estates in Spain, with a total area of about 1300 hectares. This means that every day we will cover about 650 hectares of land. The farm consists of rolling terrain covered in shrub and “chaparral”. Almost all of the hunting takes place in positions called “balcon”, i.e. you will be situated against a mountain side, where you can shoot as much as you want and empty the entire magazine on the animal, if needed. We will mostly encounter deer and mouflons on this farm, as well as boars and fallow deer (albeit in smaller numbers). The quality of the game is average, due to the dense population of animals. However, we are sure to encounter medal-worthy specimens of mouflon. There is also a chance of medal heads for the red deer. Amongst last year’s medal-winning deer was one gold medalist.

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