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Moon calendar


A hunter knows to use his prey's instincts to his advantage. Studies show that the phase of the moon has an effect on the behaviour of wild animals. Time your hunting adventure right - our moon calendar has all the information you need to track the lunar phases in Europe and plan your trip accordingly!

Phase: Waxing crescent

Date: May 17, 2021
Distance: 61.942830683111
Latitude: 4.1418547285207
Longitude: 118.99874518221
Phase percentage: 18%
Visibility: 36%
Next New Moon: 10.06.2021
Next Full Moon: 24.06.2021

Earth center dist.: 391828.23 km.
Next Full Moon

Date: June 24, 2021
Distance: 56.608150077959
Latitude: -1.4927633755426
Longitude: 268.68641195419
Phase percentage: 47%
Visibility: 94%
Next New Moon: 09.07.2021
Next Full Moon: 24.07.2021

Earth center dist.: 391828.23 km.
Next days
Tuesday, 18.05.2021 Waxing crescent
Wednesday, 19.05.2021 First quarter
Thursday, 20.05.2021 Waxing gibbous
Friday, 21.05.2021 Waxing gibbous
Saturday, 22.05.2021 Waxing gibbous
Sunday, 23.05.2021 Waxing gibbous
Monday, 24.05.2021 Waxing gibbous