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Hunting in Bulgaria and abroad

Welcome to our website! We invite you to explore the vast array of excellent hunting opportunities for hunting in Europe. You will find attractive offers and packages for big game hunting and small game hunting in Bulgaria and abroad: hunting trips and packages for red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, ibex, bear, chamois, wood grouse, woodcocks, snipes, quails, turtle doves, wood pigeons, larks, thrushes, ducks and geese. You can now book your hunting trip online via credit card.

The pristine nature in Bulgaria preserves the natural habitats of the red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, chamois and wood grouse. You can hunt wild boar and mouflon round the year and combine them in September with red deer hunting.

The professional management of our reserves and the controlled hunting ensure a high quality catch with great success. The usual hunting methods are driven hunt, by stalking or from a high seat.

Here you can enjoy the delicious cuisine, the hospitality in the luxurious hunting lodges and feel the thrill of the real hunt with wonderful hunting trophies.

The other advantage of Bulgaria as a hunting destination is the bird hunting – a lot of wild grey partridges, pheasants and great migrations of woodcocks, quails, turtle doves, wood pigeons, ducks and geese. Bird hunting in Bulgaria will give you a sense of freedom and tranquility – you may cross vast areas without another hunter in sight.

In our unique hunting reserves you can enjoy quiet serenity of these peaceful corners of the country. Your mornings could only be troubled by the rumbling of the mountain stream or the bird songs, giving you a sense of becoming one with nature.

For those of you who wish to hunt brown bear, wolf or Ibex, we have prepared very attractive offers in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Spain.

Immerse yourself in the hunt with our photos and videos and experience everything by allowing us to take you to these unique places.

We are expecting you! Be our special guests!

Hunting services in Bulgaria and abroad

We are dedicated to provide innovative and quality hunting services. We offer our assistance before, during and after the hunting trip. Our experienced staff will provide you with useful information regarding the grounds and the most suitable for hunting in Bulgaria time periods.

For your convenience, we offer to handle your plane and ferry tickets. To guarantee the comfort and well-being of your dogs, we offer comfortable cages in the hotels and lodges, high-energy dog food and veterinary services. We also offer you the possibility to transport them to Bulgaria (minimum 10 dogs, with a minimum of 1 month booking in advance). You can also hire one of our excellently trained pointing dogs.

We offer high-class Italian guns – Beretta, Benelli, Franchi.

You can now book a hunting trip online via credit card.

Our services include attractive packages for your families while you’re hunting.

For each hunting trip we offer professional video and photography services, allowing you to share your unique experience with your friends and family.

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Angel Diez de Tejada, 05.03.2018

Hace ya 12 años que nuestro buen amigo Ricardo nos facilitó el contacto de Nadia para que nos organizase un viaje de caza a las becadas en Bulgaria. Desde entonces confiamos en ella para nuestra salida anual tras las becadas del Este. Puedo ...

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