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Buy a rare trophy of mouflon, wild boar trophy, red stag trophy, fallow deer trophy, roe deertrophy and chamois trophy. Get a taxidermy shoulder mount, full mount, skulls and skins at low prices. We offer handmade taxidermy plaques as well.
Most of the trophies are gold medals and some of them are national records of Bulgaria.

Wild Boar

€ 600
Hunting trophy - wild boar

Type: Taxidermy

Size: W. 75 cm. D. 70 cm. H. 76 cm.

Weight: 25 kg.

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Roe deer

€ 450
Hunting trophy roe deer

Type: Taxidermy

Size: W. 68 cm. D. 44 cm. H. 44 cm.

Weight: 15 kg.

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€ 900
Hunting trophy - mouflon

Type: Taxidermy

Size: W. 60 cm. D. 55 cm. H. 55 cm.

Weight: 16 kg.

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Boar tusks

€ 100
Hunting trophy - boar tusks

Type: Taxidermy

Size: W. 27 cm. D. 26 cm. H. 10 cm.

Weight: 1.200 kg.

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