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Fishing experience in Kyustendil

A new experience for those who want to test themselves while on vacation.

This tour is dedicated to both professionals and beginners or those who want to experience a similar emotion for the first time.

The perfect environment for a beautiful fishing exists and it is here waiting for you!


  • 80 hectares of lake for fishing

  • Large quantities of fish

  • Fish usually from 8 to 14 kg up to 30 kg

  • Enchanting landscape and immaculate nature

  • The guides are members of the national sport fishing team

One of the most beautiful fishing experiences ever awaits you in Bulgaria. A huge lake totally dedicated to sport fishing with an immense number of fish, Grass Carp and Carp. Are you ready to be assisted by professional fishermen are members of the national sport fishing team. Thanks to them you can also discover some secrets and improve your knowledge.

Two days entirely dedicated to fishing await you. The place is divided into various sectors, 20-30 meters away from each other and in each sector up to two people can fish. Each fisherman will have two available Rods with reos.

Remember it is sport fishing and the local rule is to release the fish back into the wild!

You will have two days of fishing with full board and according to your choice you can stay overnight either in a tent or in a hotel 3 km from the fishing spot. Are you ready to try something new?


Fishermen will have at their disposal:

  • Two Rods with reos

  • Rod pod

  • Bite alarm

  • Bait

  • Chairs

The price included

  • Two days of fishing

  • Two nights according to the customer’s choice - in a tent or hotel

  • Catering with breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Necessary equipment as above indicated

  • Fishing guide


On we can also offer the transfer service from any point in Bulgaria to the fishing area. If customers decide to use their own car, they do not necessarily have to have a jeep as the road is well asphalted to the lake.

For group bookings of 4 to 6 people, please contact us at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance.

For bookings of 2 people, we can also receive bookings the day before.