Favia Viaggi - Hunting in Bulgaria and abroad



Services. Terms. Prices.

Favia Trading LTD is a facilitator of hunting services. For our clients, we organize hunting trips to Bulgaria or abroad with the purpose of hunting.

Currently Favia Trading LTD offers the following hunting programs, described in detail as types of services and prices, as follows:

*Small game hunting:

1. Quails
2. Thrushes
3. Pheasants
4. Woodcocks
5. Grey Partridges
6. Turtle-Doves
7. Hares
8. Wild ducks
9. Geese
10. Wood pigeons
11. Snipes
12. Rock Partridges
13. Larks

*Big game hunting:

1. Mouflon
2. Red deer
3. Roe deer
4. Fallow deer
5. Wolf
6. Bear
7. Wild boar
8. Wild goat
9. Wood grouse

The type of the organized trip for hunting purposes, the details on the specific travel arrangements, accommodation, airport pick up and hunting by the client are documented by a Service Agreement between Favia Trading LTD and the Client with an annex about the respective hunting services.

Favia Trading LTD confirms the services arranged by providing the Client with the following documents issued by Favia Trading LTD:

  • Confirmation of a successful arrival of the booking request via email, which will be sent within 48 hours of the receiving of said request
  • Confirmation of the service from Favia Trading LTD, stamped and signed by the CEO
  • Confirmation from the hotel or the hunting lodge on the name of the Client/Guest

Once everything has been confirmed and agreed upon on both sides via email, and we have received your exact dates of arrival and departure, the booking is considered complete. Our representative shall welcome you in person at the airport on the date of your arrival.

Terms of payment.

Upon receiving by Favia Trading LTD a confirmation from the Client, the Client shall pay to Favia Trading LTD, no later than 3 months before the commencement of the trip, an advance payment of 500 € per hunter. The deposit may either be transferred directly to Favia Trading LTD's bank account, or paid by credit card via the designated menu located on each of this website's offer pages. The deposit of 500 will be deducted from the total price of the chosen package. Note that our bank automatically converts the 500 EUR deposit into Bulgarian levs, which amounts to 977.92 BGN.

The remainder of the price, as well as any additional services and expenses not included in the package, are to be paid upon the client's arrival.

In the case of last minute booking (less than 3 months before the hunting trip) a 10% fee is applied to the total amount of the package price for small game hunting and on the package price of hunting organization and services for the big game hunt excluding trophies.

No later than 30 days before the beginning of the selected hunting program and after receiving the Confirmation, the Client shall pay to Favia Trading LTD the rest of the amount of the respective hunting program.

Cancellation. Indemnification.

In case Favia Trading LTD cannot provide the services by the dates agreed due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Favia Trading LTD, Favia Trading LTD shall be able to make the following changes without the permission of the Client and the Client shall agree that these do not represent a significant change of the Service Agreement:

  • To change the hotel to another hotel of the same category or higher, of the same conditions of accommodation and the same board basis.
  • To make changes in the sequence of performance of the separate elements of the program.

In the aforementioned cases, Favia Trading LTD shall not be liable to the Client and shall not have to pay any compensations or indemnifications.

If a cancellation request is received at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the hunting trip, 250 € of the deposit will be refunded. If the cancellation is requested less than 30 days in advance, no deposit will be refunded.

If the initial program is cancelled /refused/ by the hunting outfitter, Favia Trading LTD shall refund the advance payment to the Client.

Favia Trading LTD shall accept claims by the Client only in writing or other appropriate form, including fax, electronic mail or other technical device, which allows for the possibility of their duplication.

Favia Trading LTD shall not be held responsible by the Client for the outcome of the hunting program performed at the hunting zone.

Favia Trading LTD shall not be held responsible for damages, injuries and accidents during the stay of the Client, where these have occurred due to force majeure. Circumstances such as catastrophes, floods, fires, earthquakes, diseases and others beyond the effective control of the parties hereto shall be considered as force majeure.